Goals:To continuously improve the curriculum of the Management Department with results-based curriculum teaching methods and to prepare highly qualified, well trained, matured, hard-working graduates and citizens who are recognized in the labor market.


  1. Continuously improve the curriculum and develop a results-based training program
  2. Continuously improve the learning environment to deliver and implement competency-based programs to students
  3. Effectively manage teacher and student research work in a timely manner
  4. Effectively manage student development programs in a timely manner
Name Албан тушаал Contact us E-mail
1 Ariunbayar.U Head of department 99640688
2 Munkhsaikhan.B Teacher 99142428
3 Goomaral.Z Teacher 89010120
4 Altantuya.D Teacher 99602582
5 Bazargur.B Teacher 88095213
6 Otgonjargal.YU Teacher 99772060
7 Ankhtuya.B Teacher 99184063
8 Enkhchimeg.D Teacher 99802970


  • Continuously improve the coherence and content of management program lessons
  • Continuously improve the coherence and content of marketing program lessons
  • Continuous training activities
  • Have each teacher prepare a textbook and make it available to students


  • Analysis of the stable working environment and conditions of employees
  • Strategic management and human resource management in the organization
  • Cognitive concept

Advice and information

  • Each teacher in the Management Department must provide counseling and information on a weekly basis in accordance with the scheduled counseling schedule.
  • Classroom teacher hours for full-time students must be provided in accordance with the schedule set by the education department.


The Professional Club of the Management Department was established in 2019 and is still running successfully.

  1. “We’ll create the future you” personal development club

Areas of activity:

    • Personal development training and programs
    • Book discussion
    • The art of public speaking
  1. “We will make you fall in love with your profession” professional club for human resource management

Areas of activity:

    • Read professional books and organize discussions
    • Professional guest teacher training
    • Oral and written communication training
    • Spread positive attitude
  1. “Marketers” Professional Marketing Club

Areas of activity:

    • Practical marketing training, knowledge of new marketing trends and directions
    • Organize “Marketers day”
  1. ProficiencyEnglish Development Club

Organize motivational lectures for children with special needs.