We are following the “Regulations governing the activities of the library” approved by order No.A/09 of the Director of the Mongolian College of Human Resource Management on June 7, 2017.

The library of the MCHRM is one of the largest material resources of the college. The library has a database of 2150 copies with 80 seats and an area of 120m2 in accordance with MNS 5472-2007 standard, currently operating with one librarian. The library's home distribution room and two reading rooms are being equipped using the college’s internal resources.

The library gives equal and open information to all students and teachers, provides quality library services, conditions for independent study, electronic information, open service, favorable environment, and modern information to support learning activities. Our main goal is to become a serviceable library. We are working to organize public activities such as “New Book Festival” and “We will create tomorrow” for students and include them in the curriculum of the MCHRM.

For automation, our library has implemented the cloud-based technology By implementing the Monkoha software, we’ve digitized our library, and have added about 1600 publications to the database by automatization. The software is based on cloud technology, so the database is secure. The library has partnered with the academic department to digitize the readers' IDs and introduce them to the library's services.

Instructions for using the library software