The Academic Department of the Mongolian College of Human Resource Management is responsible for organizing, managing, planning, developing, and supporting students in their undergraduate programs in accordance with the Law on Education, Law on Higher Education and the regulations within the college.

Department composition


Албан тушаал

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Head of academic affairs




Сургалтын албаны мэргэжилтэн


Main activities of the department

  • Provide conditions and opportunities for continuous training on a daily basis
  • Lesson plans of teachers
  • Guide and advise teachers during process
  • Monitor and evaluate the use of teachers' training time
  • Approve training programs and plans
  • Determining the quality of training and satisfaction
  • Be a bridge to connect students with internal and external environment
  • Promptly publish, summarize, and analyze student-related data
  • Receive feedback from students
  • Resolve student complaints in accordance with procedures
  • Provide information and opportunities for students to participate in scholarship programs
  • Create a database of students and graduates
  • Carry out student development work according to plan
  • Support student employment activities and strengthen cooperation
  • Get feedback and research related to the activity
  • Plan all activities from enrollment to graduation and develop a calendar plan
  • Regularly issue and update necessary documents related to entrants, students and graduates
  • Stay in touch with alumni